RPCV Park Ranger Gregg Moydell (Morocco)


Employee Spotlight

 Gregg Moydell doing a research study on brants geese in Fairbanks Alaska
Photo By Tiffany Natividad |


Story by Tiffany Natividad, Tulsa, OK

August 8, 2022


Having grown up in Fort Gibson and enjoying many years of recreation on Fort Gibson Lake, park ranger Gregg Moydell (Morocco 1990-92) is happy to be able to spread his knowledge as a U.S Army Corps of Engineers employee and enjoys the family-type atmosphere of working with the Tulsa District.

Gregg Moydell (Morocco 1990-92)

Gregg began his educational path receiving Wildlife Management and Wildlife Research Biology degrees from North Dakota State University and the University of Alaska-Fairbanks respectively. Upon completion of his degrees, Gregg performed and participated in research studies on Brant geese, moose, grizzly bear, and polar bear populations in Alaska.

After that he joined the U.S. Peace Corps and traveled to Morocco where he authored a feasibility study for the creation of a nature preserve for the Barbary Leopard. Upon returning to states, Gregg worked for the Nature Conservancy as a stewardship biologist before starting a career as a high school science teacher and robotics instructor in Fort Gibson, OK where he taught for 21 years before joining USACE as park ranger on Fort Gibson Lake in 2017.

When asked what he finds rewarding and challenging about his job, Gregg said “One of the biggest rewards is working to provide safe recreational opportunities for the public and working on ecological and environmental projects but there are several challenges like trying to get everything done in a timely manner with the funding that is available, and the search/recovery of drowning victims is the most difficult duty that I have.”

Some of his job duties include performing visitor assistance activities with customers, patrolling properties owned and managed by USACE on Fort Gibson Lake and the McClellan-Kerr Navigation System monitoring for encroachments and unauthorized activities. He also performs several environmental management stewardship activities across the project including seeding pollinator plots and prescribed burns and participates in Water Safety programs across the district to spread the water safety message.

“What motivates me as I do my job is I grew up and live on Fort Gibson Lake. Many of my fondest memories include recreation activities on and around the lake.” Said Gregg. “God’s creation of the natural world is what inspires me. The opportunity to work outdoors and see the wonders it possesses, keeps me going!”

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