RPCV Mike Meyer Interviewed “Live” On Galleycat

If you are at all interested in writing and publishing, check out mediabistro.com and also the video reporting done  by Jason Boog (Guatemala 2000-02) who works for Galleycat and (mailer@mediabistro.com).

Jason has a piece up today, plus video, of Mike Meyer (China 1995-97) where Mike is saying, “I think it’s usually a good time to write a book when you go to the library or the bookstore and the book you want to read isn’t there.”

Mike, as you know, was one of the ten writers honored at the 25th annual Whiting Writers’ Award last week. GalleyCat prowled the aisles of the Award winners dinner  interviewing a number of the winners about their writing lives, the recession, and the future of literature. The ten recipients each took home a $50,000 award for their literary efforts.

Listen and look at Mike talk about writing, and read what Jason has to say. You’ve got to love it when two RPCV writers get together in the heart of literary New York City. (Why not, there was free food.) It was almost like being back overseas again, going to a 4th of July celebration at the Embassy…with all the free beer you could drink!

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