RPCV lobbying the White House for Peace Corps directorship

I had a long conversation this morning with an RPCV who is lobbying the White House to be the next director of the Peace Corps. (Yes, Virginia, there are Republican RPCVs). The candidate wants to be Director to improve the agency and the role of PCVs overseas. This former Volunteer served for three years in the Peace Corps, in Africa, and in the early ’70s.  A successful business person who wants to improve the agency, the candidate is seeking ‘your ideas’ to take to any forthcoming meetings with the Trump Administration.  You can post your opinions and ideas on the site now and I’ll see that the RPCV candidate receives the information.

This RPCV candidate for Director will also be attending the NPCA Conference next week in Colorado. The candidate will send me the time and location where you can talk personally in Denver and share your ideas. I’ll post the information on this site. JC


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  • Strange to be hearing this backroom sort of chat when most of us have been living on some Ellis-Island-corridor’s trajectory. . Just writing my poems, maundering forward, turning back to Alan Watts and his counsels that helped me in youth.

  • Hi John,
    This is good to hear that an RPCV is lobbying to be the PC director. Yes, there not many RPCVs who are Republicans, but since starting PC to Politics (here is the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PCtoPolitics/ ) I have meant some amazing Republican RPCVs. Yes, I may disagree with them on many things, but our love for the Peace Corps is undisputable.

    On another note, It would be great to connect with this RPCV in Colorado. I have one major issue I would like to talk to him about: Bringing back the Peace Corps Master’s International Program!

    First, I absolutely adore Carrie but her decision to completely eliminate this program was incredibly short-sited. I am happy to discuss all these specific reasons with him and others.

    Last year, I and many PCMI alumni were just devastated but we all thought we would have a chance after the election. Like many RPCVs, that idea looked impossible after the election. However, about two weeks ago Peace Corps HQ tried to eliminate the Facebook Page that I created in 2010: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MastersInternational/ . This renewed our commitment to bring this program back

    Since then over 70 have joined the Facebook group and with the backing of over 100 PCMI RPCVs from Michigan Technological University and a small group of dedicated volunteers, we are working to bring this program back. We know it will be a long journey but the impact that the MI program had on my service and many other alumni cannot be forgotten. Being an MI student made me a better and more effective volunteer. Even when things were tough, my work kept me there. (Statistically, PCMIs are less likely to ET. )

    The benefits and potential of the Peace Corps Master’s International are numerous from the 1st goal to the 3rd goal no other university program can say that. These other programs have a place in the Peace Corps but so does the Master’s International program!

    My program at Michigan Tech met all three goals:
    Goal 1: I received graduate level education in Forestry and Natural resources -went to Bolivia trained and qualified
    Goal 2: My work on my volunteer and masters work helped me connect significantly to many in my region on so many different levels.
    Goal 3: Returning to the US I published a Masters thesis, wrote articles about my work, won a grant to do my work in Bolivia and even after 15 years I continue contributing based on my Masters Peace Corps work. The network of Americans expanded beyond my local community but also my professional scientific society.

    Other alumni have done so much more from continuing on to their PhDs and contributing to their professional fields in unique and beneficial ways.

    I believe these contributions only legitimize the contribution of the Peace Corps. Rarely are programs in the Peace Corps evaluated but the contributions of PCMI alumni are documented.

    Whoever becomes the director, I and my fellow alumni hope they will listen to us and bring this program back, make it better, and help it reach its potential!

    Thank you for posting

    Kristina J. Owens
    PCMI RPCV Bolivia 2000-2002
    Loret Miller Ruppe Peace Corps Master’s International Program in Forestry
    Michigan Technological University

  • I have a question for this RPCV candidate: Where do you stand on the bipartisan Sam Farr Peace Corps Enhancement Act (H.R. 2259) introduced by Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX) and Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-MA)?

  • Lobbying blanches. Expect blur, confusion, absolute crap, fury. You’d be surely right to ask: “What then?” I don’t know.

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