RPCV journalist Christopher Miller (Ukraine)


Alana DeJoseph (Mali 1992-94) who is working on a film about the Peace Corps entitled, The Towering Task,  has just been filming PCVs in Ukraine and alerted me to a former Peace Corps Volunteer in the Ukraine, Chris Miller (Ukraine 2010-2012). Alana writes, “Miller is a highly respected journalist in Ukraine now and does much reporting on the conflict in the east of the country.”


Chris Miller

Chris Miller

As a PCV, Miller was a Youth Developer Volunteer. He taught, as he writes on Linked In, “English, volunteerism, journalism, IT, healthy living, employment skills, teamwork and sports to Ukrainian youth. I was responsible for the organization of seminars, retreats and camps specializing in sustainable teaching of healthy lifestyles topics by Ukrainian nationals and future PCVs, as well as NGO development. I organized and instructed clubs for local youth, including English clubs, journalism clubs and sports clubs.”


Alana was kind enough to forward to me this blog post of Miller’s entitled, “The War Came to Me.” As Alana noted, “Talk about somebody who knows what the word Peace in the Peace Corps means!”


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  • Thank you, Chris Miller, for helping us get a better understanding of the Russian assault on the Ukraine and the corresponding response of Ukrainian separatists. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the remnants of the Serb/Bosnian war during our recent visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Your photographs were heart-breaking, including the one of you with your school colleagues that spoke of happier, harmonious times.

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