RPCV Bissell in Sun Magazine

The Sun–a very fine small magazine published by Sy Safransky in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that you should read bissell-t-100(and could write for) just published (January 2010) a short piece by Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan 1996-97)  in their Sunbeams column, which is the back page of the publication. Sunbeams are short items that shed light on a particular topic.

Bissell has a comment on the Environment. Tom writes: Environmentalism suddenly struck me as the most obvious philosophy imaginable: Let us not ruin forever where we live and work and breathe and eat. Earth’s future inhabitants will no doubt look upon our current environmental practices–maintained despite all manner of evidence that doing so will result in  planetary ruin–roughly the way we look upon eighteenth-century surgery. And that is if we, and they, are very lucky.”

Tom is now teaching creative writing at Portland State (if you are looking for a writing class to take) and you can take a look (and buy) Sun Magazine at www.thesunmagazine.org.

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