RPCV Allen Fletcher Publishes His Senegal Tales

Sometimes it takes time to publish the book about the Peace Corps experience that you have always wanted to write. Such is the case with Allen Fletcher’s (Senegal 1969-71) collection of stories that he first penned some 30  years ago. He wrote them, as many other RPCVs have done, as “essentially a personal project” and now he has brought them out in a lovely edition.

The book that he produced, with wonderful photos, can be obtained directly from Allen. Email him at: afletcher@wpltd.com.

heat-sand-and-friendsThe book is entitled Heat, Sand, and Friends. It cost $15, plus $5 postage.

The preface begins (and shows that Allen can write): “From 1969-71, courtesy of the remarkable institution called the Peace Corps, my wife Nina and I lived in the Senegalese village of N’Dondol, about 100 miles inland and about ten miles off the main road that extends east from Dakar all the way  into Mali.”

Congratulations, Allen!

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