Romney thumps Gingrich…Not!

The Florida results are in. (if anyone is awake or paying attention) and this is what I think will happen.

Neither Romney or Gingrich will be the candidate. This is what I think will happen. (Remember, I write novels.)

Because of this new allocation of delegates, and the fact that Ron Paul will score heavily out west, we won’t have a candidate with enough delegates when it is time for the Convention.

Then the Republican Establishment will move in and after several exciting ballets (like the old days) Jeb Bush and, I also think, Tim Pawlenty, will be on the ticket for the Republicans. This gives them automatically two south states, Florida and Texas, and add to that Poleteis’ Midwest states: Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.


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  • I think this is the ticket for 2016. This is what I think will happen:
    Newt will have a health “crisis.” He will drop out. He will refuse to endorse and instead urge his supporters to support Perry and his
    states rights strategy. Romney will win nomination by default.

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