Rob Davidson (Grenada 1990-92) Wins New Fiction Prize

Rob Davidson (Grenada 1990-92), who served with his wife on the island of Carriacou, and who went onto earn his doctoral candidate in American literature at Purdue University, is the author of a collection of stories entitled Field Observations that won the Peace Corps Writers Maria Thomas Award a few years back, and he has a new honor to his credit.

Camber Press just announced the winner of the first annual Camber Press Fiction Chapbook Award. It is Rob Davidson’s entry entitled “Criminals” chosen by writer Ron Carlson from among a group of unidentified submissions.

Davidson, a resident of Chico, California, sets his story on the small Caribbean island of Carriacou. Our distant, academic narrator takes us to this island where goats outnumber people two to one. Natives practice grudges, judgments, stubbornness, and things are never as simple as right or wrong. More accurately, they’re about how one resolves issues within the confines of one’s own sense of justice.

Along with publication Mr. Davidson will receive an award of $1,000 and ten copies of his book. With a scheduled release date of January.

Camber Press is a boutique publishing company focusing on “lucid poetry and fiction written by contemporary American authors.” The press publishes editions on acid-free paper, beautifully designed in the fine art of exquisite typography seemingly lost among other modern publishers. Contact: Camber Press, Inc., 1160 Midland Avenue, Suite 3F, Bronxville, NY 10708. E-mail:

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