Review — WHITE MOON IN A POWDER BLUE SKY by Julie Dargis (Morocco)


White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky: A Primer in Healing from both Sides of the Veil in Memoir, Sonnets and Prose
by Julie R. Dargis (Morocco 1984–87)
Indie House Press
July 2016
78 pages
$9.50 (paperback)

Reviewed by Taylor Barahona (Dominican Republic (2015–17)

With a bold and unique approach, Julie R. Dargis sets out to bring her readers on a spiritual journey through her book White Moon in a Powder Blue Sky: A Primer in Healing from both Sides of the Veil in Memoir, Sonnets and Prose.

Dargis successfully captures a feeling that will surely resonate for any reader who dedicates themselves to serving the greater good and finds it difficult to step back and take care of themselves. Dargis writes, in her Author’s Note:

I had been ready and willing to undertake anything that would have been asked of me. But what I was being told, in essence, is that life doesn’t have to be so hard — a lesson I am still struggling to incorporate into my life each day.

This achingly honest sentiment gets to the heart of the book and showcases Dargis’s talent for making the reader feel that he or she is right in the trenches with Dargis, struggling alongside her to find inner peace. In a society where we often forget to slow down, Dargis’s book is a much-needed reminder that even when we demand constant greatness from ourselves, “life doesn’t have to be so hard.”

Although I had no previous knowledge of quantum physics nor of energy healing, I was still able to enjoy this book. What I particularly appreciated was Dargis’s sincerity and willingness to share such a personal journey with her readers. My favorite pieces were: “The Sound of Silence,” (a vivid, lyrical portrait of the energy on a beach; “The Veil of Forgiveness,” (about spiritual growth continuing after death); and “Spirit Animal” (depicting interconnectedness through nature and ritual). This book is full of gems that are just waiting to reach the readers that they were meant for.

Reviewer Taylor Barahona writes:

I’m a current Peace Corps Volunteer nearing the end of my service in the Dominican Republic (2015-2017). I was stationed in a rural village in the countryside, where I designed educational programs to address issues such as high rates of teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and lack of economic opportunities. I also write fiction in my spare time. Check out my blog to find out more about my Peace Corps service, and to sign up for my email list and receive a free eBook of my short stories at

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