Review — THE GOOD HUSBAND by Danny Langdon (Ethiopia)


The Good Husband: 50 Practices That Will Make You Nearly Perfect
Danny Langdon (Ethiopia 1962–64)
Performance International
December 2020
262 pages
$15.00 (paperback), $9.99 (Kindle)

Reviewed by Sue Hoyt Aiken (Ethiopia 1962-64)

The book’s dedication states: “This book was written for husbands . . ..”

That is so true!

After a short introduction, the author lays out the format for all 50 Practices. Practice #1 is titled, “Have your Song!”  Each chapter thereafter is dedicated to an explanation of a specific practice, including “Scenes from Our Relationship,” followed by suggestions for putting the practice into place. Some specific resources or actions tried and true for the author are also offered.

This book comes about after a divorced Langdon, along with his second wife, learns, observes and activates a methodology, resulting in 50 Practices.  All suggestions come from real life and feel authentic as a result. While not all practices will work for all readers, they have the opportunity to learn the importance of awareness, development and practice from the author’s thoughts and insights.

Some of the titles of the Practices show the wide variety from which the reader can opt to consider in more detail:  For Heaven’s Sake, Hold Your Partner’s Hand; Praise Works; You Need to be Able to Process Your Own S(tuff) First; Words Count; Be Kind and Don’t Live in the Past. 

Wisely, it is suggested to involve one’s partner in practicing the tools together.

There is a checklist available to chart progress in not only learning, but also noting mastery, will practice and not possible, for each practice.

The readers, as partners, can work on developing each or some of the practices, perhaps adding one of their own, and in so doing, strengthen the relationship they have together.

And as a woman, I truly appreciate Practice #50:  “Put Down the Toilet Seat.” As Langdon says, “Nothing more needs to be said, gents!”  End of chapter!

Good humor runs throughout including Appendix A:  A Delicious Recipe for Men (who don’t cook) To Prepare for Their Partner.  Salmon Cakes.  Having read hundreds of recipes in my life I don’t think I have ever seen directions like size of frying pan, spatula (not metal), wooden spoon(or a metal one if that is all you have.)  Followed by Recipe Instructions #1: Open the can of Salmon with a can opener! !!!   And last instruction #10 Don’t forget the napkins! Cooking for a partner cannot be overstated as important in a relationship!

More can be found on the author’s website –

Reviewed by Sue Hoyt Aiken (Ethiopia 1962-64): While a PCV, Sue learned how to boil water to be safe drinking water, prepare vegetables for safe eating, cook a rabbit over a campfire, eat injera and wat with her hands and so much more! She does not think this prepared her adequately for a serious relationship! Her work as a career counselor led her to value the importance of building relationships both at home and in the workplace.

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