Review | ESCAPE TO ALASKA by Steve Kaffen (Russia)


Escape to Alaska
by Steve Kaffen (Russia 1994-96)
December 2023
$0.00 (Kindle) Kindle Unlimited; $4.99 


Review by N. Waheed Nasser (Peace Corps Staff 2002-06 & 2011-16)
Steve Kaffen has written a fascinating book of travel in Alaska, which he calls “Land of Superlatives.” As is typical of his books, the photography is stunning, and in the introduction, he describes the challenge that he faced choosing the book’s 300 photos. My favorites are the glaciers, the mountain scenery from the Yukon Railroad to the Canada border, the cute pups in the summer camp for dogs, and the people pictures. Prospective visitors can use the photographs along with the discussion of land (the author’s first Alaska visit) vs. sea travel, itinerary, and ship selection to plan their visits. The book is filled with suggestions, such as experiencing daybreak from the top deck of a ship “as it slowly glides through a narrow fjord, forested mountains on both sides, and an occasional bear, moose, or eagle on its shores and whales along the ship’s sides. It’s so serene at that hour that you think you’re wearing earplugs.” Simply a beautiful book!
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N. Waheed Nasser served as an Auditor in the Peace Corps Office of Inspector General 2002-2006 and 2011-2016. A CPA, Waheed has also worked at USAID, the Special IGs for Afghanistan and Iraq Reconstruction, and the Department of the Army’s Internal Review Office in Saudi Arabia and, currently, Miami. He has three grown children and is an avid traveler and photographer.


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  • You’ve sold me on its stunning presence. I’ve heard similar reports from half a dozen people.

    Eugénie de Rosier

  • Congratulations on yet another wonder-filled book highlighting your global journeys and appreciation of Nature. I admire your commitment to sharing your adventures, Steve. Keep traveling …and keep writing too! All best wishes, Geri

  • I just returned from a beautiful virtual cruise to Alaska. Steve, you’ve outdone yourself on this one.

    I highly recommend it to everyone. Just download it and sit back and enjoy going for the ride.

    But once you finish seeing the sites and are back on your own Terra Ferma, be sure to read the section that follows, which is a charming, deeply felt memoir of how our Steve Kaffen became a world traveler. By the end of it, I was filled with respect for his ceaseless wonder-filled commitment to exploring the world and bringing it home to us.

    • Marnie, It’s great to hear from you. Your kind words mean a lot to me–thank you. I’m sorry for the delay in replying. I’ve been in Brazil at Carnival. Tonight is the finale, a parade in the Sambadrome of the winners. Please stay in touch.

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