Remember this Peace Corps poster?

Peace Corps Peter Max

Do you remember this painting by Peter Max

Peter Max drew this Peace Corps poster, to the best of my memory, in the late ‘60s and it was using in Peace Corps recruiting on college campuses.

For those new to the Peace Corps (or the world of art) Max was a master of Pop Art and the culture of the ‘60s. His work was first associated with the counter cultureneo-expressionism, and psychedelic movements in graphic design during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Max is famous for using American icons and symbols in his artwork. He has created paintings of several presidents, i.e. Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and the Clintons. He often features images of celebrities, politicians, athletes and sporting events and other pop culture subjects in his artwork, and, of course, the Peace Corps!



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  • Remember indeed!… Recruiting on college campuses in the late 60’s, I recall we had three versions of the Posters with this Peter Max replication. One was on poster paper with space at the bottom to note PC related meetings, the location of the PC recruiting booth, classes that we were to speak to, etc. These disappeared almost as soon as we put them up because the Peter Max painting was golden!! A larger size simply advertised Peace Corps. It had a tendency to end up quickly in dorm rooms, etc. Then there was the HUGE version, about 4’x 6′. These we only used in sealed displays or positioning that eluded pilfer. They were iconic, indeed. Around that time (if memory serves…), Peter Max created designs for painting on the tail of jet planes – one airline, no longer in business (can’t remember which one…) used them exclusively and credited them with popularizing the airline.

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