R. Matt McKinney new White House Liaison at the Peace Corps



Special Assistant, Governor’s Office of Appointments

  • >Dates EmployedJan 2015 – Apr 2017

    Employment Duration2 yrs 4 mos

    • Responsible for vetting of Senior and Mid-Level Political Appointments throughout all agencies in State Government.
    • Assist in the recruiting efforts by mining the database for appropriate candidates.
    • Responsible for the management of the database, website application, and website design.
    • Assist in the interviewing of High Level candidates and analyzing potential ethics problems.

  • Personnel Assistant

    Company NameGovernor-Elect Hogan Transition

    Dates EmployedNov 2014 – Jan 2015

    Employment Duration3 mos

  • Hogan for Governor, Montgomery County Victory Director

    Company NameMaryland Republican Party

    Dates EmployedAug 2014 – Nov 2014

    Employment Duration4 mos

  • Campaign Manager

    Company NameBrett King for State Senate District 17

    Dates EmployedMar 2014 – Jul 2014

    Employment Duration5 mos

  • Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President

    Company NameRegions Financial Corporation

    Dates EmployedOct 2013 – Mar 2014

    Employment Duration6 mos

    LocationBirmingham und Umgebung, Alabama




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  • If picking political appointees is the job, then this appointee looks good. Unfortunately, the essential skill has to do with things like international aid, education, health, and all the things that the Peace Corps is involved with. And then being a college dropout raises another question of ability to understand what picking such non-political candidates is all about. But then another such political choice, Loret Miller Ruppe went on to surprise us all. I’ll reserve judgement until we hear more. JAT

    • I checked the name on linked in and a BA is listed. He does not list Peace Corps service. I presume it is his job to review potential political appointees for their political credentials. I, too, will reserve judgement.
      Although, I would stress the President has the absolute right to make appointments based on his own interpretation of the Peace Corps Act and the Three Goals and his own values.

      Peace Corps is not an independent corporation or totally independent agency. it is a federal agency.

  • I looked at Gov. Hogan. He seems like a centrist who is critical of this President. If Hogan’s dad hadn’t just had a major stroke, I was going to send him copies of our Peace Corps at 50 books. He might have some influence with McKinney. Otherwise, I could send the books directly to McKinney, but I think that the odds that he would actually get them are slim. McKinney’s degree from Samford isn’t too shabby. So maybe the thing to do is try to send some good information his way.

    • You probably know this, but for others reading, Samford may be a good university, but it is a private Christian university, not the famous “Stanford.”

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