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Marian Beil

Marian Haley Beil (Ethiopia 1962-64) the publisher/designer/manager of our site will continue to maintain Peace Corps World Wide. Marian and I began this Third Goal effort of Peace Corps Writers shortly after the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the agency, but long before that, Marian had been the central Volunteer in the organizing of the RPCVs from Ethiopia, creating one of the first newsletters for RPCVs. Having designed two websites for Peace Corps Writers, she also created and manages Peace Corps Books that as of today has published over ninety books, mostly memoirs, of the Peace Corps experience. Having a B.A. in mathematics from Seton Hill College in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, she earned her masters in design from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Crafts. Marian designed our newsletter and website and keeps it up to date.

Our site has also benefited from the contributions of others, especially Joanne Roll (Colombia 1963-65) who keeps tab on the agency, and book editor Dean W. Jefferson (El Salvador 1974-76; Costa Rica 1976-77). All of us are indebted to Noah Beil, Marian’s son, the tech genius for the site.

That all said, if it wasn’t for Marian Beil there would never have been a Peace Corps Writers newsletter or a Worldwide website. It will be Marian who will keep it going online. Thank you, Marian.

p.s. Marian can be reached at:




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  • So glad to hear this … hell of a pair of shoes to fill, but confident that Marian is more than able. Looking forward to the future of Peace Corps World Wide. What will be the best email address to use to maintain contact and to provide a tip or two?

  • So glad to hear this. Both John and Marian are exemplars of advocacy and service. Have a peaceful retirement, John.

  • Thank you Marian, and thank you John for all your have done for the RPCV community. As I said earlier, we will all miss you. You are a treasure. Best wishes with on your new journey. And as they say, stay in touch. Warm regards to you, Corey

  • Thank you, Marian and John for all your many vital contributions to the whole Peace Corps community. Thank you, Marian for continuing. Right now, as the Biden administration looks to Central America and the reason for all the migration out, the work of RPCV authors and experts about Central America is so important, beginning with D.W. Jefferson.

  • Great news! You’re a champion and I truly doubt that you’ll need extra socks in those shoes! With thanks and appreciation.

  • Fantastic news. Kudos to Marian for stepping up (hugely), and eternal thanks to John (and the others who’ve helped the site survive and thrive over the years)!

  • Thank you Marian! And, thank you for your support to Peace Corps authors over many years. An acknowledge of, and a big thank you to, Joanne and D.W. (Dean W.) for your ongoing contributions and commentaries. And thank you, Noah (who knew?), for your tech involvement. Yes, it does take a village! And, congratulations and thanks, John, for arranging the seamless continuity in this important undertaking. All of us shall look forward to stories of experiences, resilience, and contribution from the evacuated and soon-to-be reinstated volunteers, on the website and in book form.

  • All the afore-mentioned comments cover most of my opinions and that of the thousands of other grateful RPCVs who have benefited from John and Marian’s articulate contributions on this site. So glad Marian will continue publishing our words. I’m certain we fellow volunteer readers and writers will continue to contribute to this valuable resource.

  • Thank you, John. And thank you, Marian. Both of you have done a great job keeping our RPCV community together.

  • John and Marian,
    This is really great news! Marian is definitely the right person to continue the legacy of Peace Corps Worldwide! Thank you John and Marian for creating and maintaining this wonderful website all these many years.

  • Thank you, John, for all you’ve done to highlight our Peace Corps stories and experiences over the decades. You’ve continuously reminded us that our voices count. And I sincerely appreciate your encouragement to “write on!”

    Marian, many thanks for your work to promote the Peace Corps legacy all these years. I’m especially grateful that you will keep the Peace Corps Writers moving forward. That’s wonderful news!

    Geri Marr Burdman, RPCV (Bolivia 1962-64)

  • Thanks John for all you’ve done over the years to tell the Peace Corps story.

    Marian, You have done and continue to do an amazing job! I will be happy to help out in any way I can, just ask.

    This website and the book publishing service are of immense value to the entire community. I’m sure there are many other RPCVs who feel the same way. forever!

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