Protect PCVs: Get Rid of Mefloquine


Dr. Remington Lee Nevin is a consulting physician epidemiologist board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.  Dr. Nevin specializes in the evaluation of adverse reactions to antimalarial medications, particularly the neurotoxic quinoline derivative mefloquine (previously marketed in the United States as Lariam®).

The above is from his website:

Dr. Nevin has written a letter to the Peace Corps Director urging that the policy regarding the use of mefloquine be changed to protect Volunteers from the medication’s adverse effects. His letter is signed by RPCVs who support the change.  Many of whom have suffered severe and potentially permanent damage from the drug.

RPCV advocates, including members of “Health Justice for Volunteers, are urging RPCVs to write to Peace Corps Director Carrie Radelet-Hessler in support of Dr. Nevin’s recommendations, and also to contact their Congressional delegation with the same request.  Here is the link to download a PDF version of Dr. Nevin’s letter:

To find and contact your Congressional Representative, go to this website:

To find and contact  your US Senators, go to this website:

There are four RPCVs currently serving in the US House of Representatives. They created the Peace Corps Caucus last year. Representatives usually reserve their website email contacts for their constituents.

The best way to contact these RPCVs might be to call their offices.

RPCV John Garamendi   202.225.1880

RPCV Mike Honda 202.225.2631

RPCV Sam Farr 202.225.2861

RPCV Joseph P. Kennedy III  202.225.5931

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  • Thank you for posting this, John. Your constant advocacy for PCVs and RPCVs is legendary and so very appreciated.
    A technical note: The telephone numbers have to be dialed directly. Clicking on them will not bring one to the Representative’s office. To find one’ Congressional delegation, it would be quicker to copy and paste the URL directly into the browser URL box.

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