PROJECT MANAHANA by John Teschner (Kenya)


Two men, unified by a string of disappearances and deaths, search for answers — and salvation — in the jungles of Kaua‘i, Hawaii. Together, they must navigate the overlapping and complicated lines between a close-knit community and the hated, but economically-necessary corporate farms — and the decades old secrets that bind them.

Project Namahana takes you from Midwestern, glass-walled, corporate offices over the Pacific and across the island of Kaua‘i; from seemingly idyllic beaches and mountainous inland jungles to the face of Mount Namahana; all the while, exploring the question of how corporate executives could be responsible for evil things without, presumably, being evil themselves.

Project Namahana
by John Teschner (Kenya 2003-05)
Forge Books
304 pages
June 2022
$14,99 (Kindle); $27.99 (Hardback); $17.86 (audiobook)

John Teschner (Kenya 2003-05)

John Teschner (Kenya  2003-05) was born in Rhode Island and grew up in southern Virginia. He has worked as a newspaper reporter, professional mover, teacher, and nonprofit grantwriter. He was a PCV in Kenya and afterwards rode a bike across the United States. He spent seven years living on the island of Kaua‘i with his wife and two boys, where he helped lead Hui O Mana Ka Pu’uwai outrigger canoe club and became a competitive canoe racer. He now lives in Duluth, MN, where he is learning how to stay upright on cross-country skis.

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