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The unofficial newsletter, Gov Exec, reports:

“Nov. 16 looms large for government leaders paying attention to the 1998 Federal Vacancies Reform Act. The law stipulates that 300 days after a president is sworn in, officials who have been serving in an acting capacity since that time lose much of their authority.

 I do not know how of if this would apply to the position of Peace Corps Director and Deputy Director.  I would welcome information if anyone knows more.  However, I thought I would post the postion description for Director of the Peace Corps, if it is not too late to apply! I note that among the requirements is the statement: Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (preferred). — JC


Senate Committee Foreign Relations
Agency Mission The Peace Corps is an independent U.S government agency considered the preeminent leader in international volunteer service, with more than 220,000 volunteers having served in more than 140 countries. Today, 7,200 volunteers serve in some 65 countries to pursue the Peace Corps’ core missions: to work side by side with local leaders in schools, clinics, farms and small businesses and use their skills to tackle the most pressing development challenges of our generation; to bring about mutual understanding by ensuring a better knowledge of the American people in the developing nations they serve; and, at the same time, to bring home their knowledge, experience and a global outlook that enriches the lives of those around them.
Position Overview The director of the Peace Corps is responsible for policy development, management and the direction of all aspects of the Peace Corps.
Compensation Level III $165,300 (5 U.S.C. § 5314)[i]
Position Reports to The Peace Corps is an independent agency
Management Scope In fiscal 2015, the Peace Corps had $379.5 million in budget outlays and 1,042 employees.[ii] The omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal 2017 provides $410 million to the agency. The Peace Corps currently has some 7,200 volunteers serving in 65 countries.
Primary Responsibilities ·       Reports to the U.S. president on agency goals and accomplishments

·       Implements the Peace Corps Act

·       Provides executive direction to the agency, overseeing its programs and activities and establishing agency policy

·       Represents the agency before Congress

·       Consults with representatives of foreign governments and international organizations to further the agency’s mission

·       Consults with the secretary of state, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the administrator of the Agency for International Development and other U.S. government officials to coordinate Peace Corps programs and activities with those of other federal agencies (Every secretary of state has sent cables to every ambassador directing them to respect the independence of the Peace Corps because of the value of its people-to-people character.)

·       Articulates agency policy, plans, goals and accomplishments to the people of the United States[iii]

Strategic Goals and Priorities ·       To promote peace by assisting other countries in meeting their development challenges and by fostering mutual understanding with the people in the communities where volunteers serve

·       To provide U.S citizens with the opportunity for international service

·       To enhance U.S. understanding of other nations and cultures through people-to-people engagement

Requirements ·       At least 15 years of international development experience

·       At least 15 years of chief executive management experience, including international operations

·       Understanding of international development issues

·       Knowledge of Congress and experience in bipartisan congressional engagement

·       Experience in bipartisan congressional engagement

·       Returned Peace Corps volunteer (preferred)

·       International volunteer experience, if not a returned Peace Corps volunteer (a plus)

Competencies ·       Strong communication and interpersonal skills

·       Excellent leadership skills

·       Ability to work under high pressure

·       Ability to listen to staff, volunteers and external stakeholders

·       Excellent interpersonal and intercultural abilities

·       Foreign policy understanding and sensitivity

Carolyn Hessler Radelet (2014 to 2017): Deputy Director, Peace Corps; Vice President and Director, John Snow Inc., Washington, D.C.,[iv] Director, International Group, John Snow Inc.[v] (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer)
Aaron S. Williams (2009 to 2012): Director, Board of Directors, CARE; Team Leader, Foreign Assistance (USAID, MCC and PEPFAR) Review Team, President-Elect Obama Transition Team, Executive Office of the President; Member, Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, Office of the Administrator, Agency for International Development[vi] (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer)
Ronald A. Tschetter (2006 to 2009): President, D.A. Davidson & Co; President, Private Client Group for Dain Rauscher; Blyth Eastman Dillon Union Securities[vii] (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer)



[i] The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2017 (Public Law 115-31, May 5, 2017), contains a provision that continues the freeze on the payable pay rates for certain senior political officials at 2013 levels during calendar year 2017.

[ii] Leadership Directories: https://lo.bvdep.com/OrgDocument.asp?OrgId=-1&LDIBookId=19&LDIOrgId=155567&LDISecId=201&FromRecent=0&Save=1&Position=-1#O155567

[iii] OPM

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