Feast & Sacrifice First Partnered Production of Posh Corps

Alan Toth (South Africa 2010-12) who created Posh Corps Website has announced their first RPCV partnered production, Feast & Sacrifice.  As Alan writes, “Feast & Sacrifice is a remarkable film by RPCV posh-corps-imageClare Major, about a family in Senegal struggling with rapid globalization. We talk a lot about Peace Corps Volunteers, but this may be the first film to focus on a Peace Corps host family.”

This award winning film includes educational commentary about Peace Corps service in Senegal, and it is  available at poshcorps.com.

A graduate of the University of Texas Austin’s Radio-TV-Film department and of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s documentary program, Clare Major (Senegal 2004-06) has been freelancing in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2007, working in both video production and postproduction. She has worked for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, and Adobe Systems, among others. In the Peace Corps in Senegal she was Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent.

“I served as a Peace Corps sustainable agriculture volunteer in Senegal, West Africa,” says Clare, “where I worked with farmers and my host village women’s group to improve crop production and generate income. Living for two years with the Bah family in Saare Muudu, I was intrigued by how the village existed at the intersection of First and Third Worlds. This film is an attempt to convey some of the stories of individuals-men working abroad, women left at home, and children confronting the divergent paths before them.”liberia_bridge

Feast & Sacrifice was her graduate thesis project at the Berkeley Journalism School.

Watch the Trailer:http://feastandsacrifice.com/

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