Posh Corps: Not Just a Film

We heard recently from Alan Toth (South Africa 2010-12) about his new ventures with Posh Corps and I asked him to detail the developments of his very fine film ventures about Peace Corps work.

Posh Corps: not just a film anymore

Several months ago, Socorra Camposanto (Morocco 2010-12), the audio producer and composer at Posh Corps, Socorra Camposanto first approached me about the idea of doing a regular podcast of Peace Corps  stories. It was a great idea. What many people likely don’t realize, is that the Posh Corps team has shot about 100 interviews with returned volunteers over the last two years, for our web series, Posh Corps Shorts. Due to difficulties getting B-roll, or high quality photos, most of these interviews could not be used. Podcasting has no need for B-roll, so we finally have a forum for these volunteer stories. The next episode will feature interviews with evacuated volunteers from Liberia. socorra_photo1

The Posh Corps Podcast is just one part of the quiet transition our team has been making over the last year, from a film on the festival circuit, to a Peace Corps media community. We’re incorporating as an LLC in 2015. We’re not a non-profit, we’re not asking for donations. We’re producing media now, and making it available immediately. We support our efforts with product sales. In addition to selling our own media we’ll be using our network to help other RPCV filmmakers distribute their films. There are so many great RPCV productions which never got the attention they deserved. We’re hoping to make these films available to a larger audience.

In addition to feature films, the web series, and the podcast, we’re also expanding our community. With that in mind, we’ve brought on a social media manager, Joyce Wolf (Albania 2012-14) was one of the main collaborators on the popular PCV humor site, How a PCV Puts if Gently. We’re very excited that she has agreed to join the team. She’ll be developing our social media community, and she’ll be helping us in our efforts to reboot the now defunct Peace Corps Journals blog aggregator as a part of the Posh Corps website. Joyce is a passionate advocate of the Peace Corps volunteer community.

Our intent is to provide a forum for the volunteer story. There are 200,000 returned volunteers with unique, exciting, important stories to tell. We’re new media professionals, using our skills to help volunteers share their stories. It’s been a long road, but we’re finally making progress. We’ve recently been invited to USAID headquarters in Washington D.C. to screen the film and discuss the modern volunteer experience.

We hope you’ll support our efforts by buying our products, and telling friends about our work. It is truly helpful to our cause.

-Alan Toth Director/Producer Posh Corps


Alan Toth speaking at The Commonwealth Club

Alan Toth speaking at The Commonwealth Club

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