Politics and Prose Connects to the Next Generation

In a newsletter from the new owner of the wonderful Washington, D.C. book store, Politics & Prose, there is word that the store is going “electronic.” Here’s what the owners had to say a few days ago.

No doubt some of you received gifts of electronic readers for Christmas or Hanukkah this holiday season, and you’re probably thinking about which titles to download. Did you know that you can buy eBooks through Politics & Prose? Or that the price of most eBooks through P&P is the same as at other online retailers?

We are continuously surprised to learn that many of our customers aren’t aware that P&P offers both online ordering of physical books and politics-pros-machdownloading of eBooks.  You can place your orders online any time of day or night, seven days a week through our website:  www.politics-prose.com.

You can also come by the store or call us at 202-364-1919 if you need assistance from one of our booksellers. They can help you learn how to download from our website to whichever e-reader you own, except older Kindles. Any other device — Nook, Sony Reader, iPad, Kindle Fire, for example — can be used to purchase through P&P from our source, Google eBooks, and prices for the vast majority of ebooks are the same no matter the outlet thanks to agreements with publishers.

This week is a propitious moment for eBook purchases as a number of publishers are offering eBook specials for a limited time. Click here for these and more options. Or, if you prefer real books, we have these titles on our shelves and many more are available through special order.

We hope that, whether you’re shopping in the store, ordering on-line, or downloading ebooks, you will be able to meet all of your reading needs through Politics & Prose. As always, thanks for supporting P&P and keeping our local community vibrant and strong!

Happy New Year to all.

–Brad and Lissa

So, watch what starts being installed in your own hometown bookstore and it is also another way for your book to be sold in a retail location. — John

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