Picture the Way It Was


After seeing the photos Guy Marion (Afghanistan  1971–75) shared  at “Photos from Afghanistan” that showed what it was like for Guy in-country, I thought “that’s what we need!”

John agreed!

So if you would like to share what it looked like where you were and what you were doing, send me —

  • a maximum of 8 in-country photos with a caption for each — your work, your living quarters, your town, etc,
  • a recent head-shot  of yourself
  • and a paragraph about what you did, and when it was.

Marian  marian@haleybeil.com


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  • Marian,

    Great idea. I’ll dig out my Afghan slides, which may a bit of a chore. I was there on an AID contract, but there are stories there as well.

    Question: How do I prepare photos currently on slides?


    • Well the first way is to use your digital slide scanner, but it sounds as though you might not have one. Second, ask a friend (or patient) who has a scanner to do it. Third – go to a professional digital scanning service in your area. Let me know how it goes. Marian PS Don’t you have any from Malawi?

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