“Photos from Afghanistan” from Juris Zagarins

Picture the way it was — 


Juris Zagarins sporting an Afghan pakol (a recent picture)

My wife Robin Varnum showed  me your article suggesting that she send you eight photos to share. Since I am the family photographer, I am sending you eight photos chosen by me and Robin, also a recent head-shot of myself.

I worked for two years with Afghan “counterparts” in the Ghazni office of the National Science Center 1972-1973, visiting all the secondary schools in Ghazni province to help improve science instruction. Then I extended my tour for a third year, 1974, teaching physics and such at Kabul University Faculty of Engineering, as did my friend Guy Toby Marion. I took many, many photos, so it was very hard to pick eight. Robin and I decided mostly on images of individual Afghans.




A Pathan (Pashtoon) gentleman


A teacher in Lycee Sanai in Ghazni


Guy Toby Marion with me on my balcony in Ghazni – the cat? My cat. Her name was Peshak – the Dari word for cat. She had kittens from a neighbor’s cat name Bozi-Auqot (Sometimes).


A fortune teller in Karte Sakhi Cemetery, Kabul


A farmer we encountered on our hike from Samangan to Bamian


My apartment in Karte Sakhi, Kabul


My colleague Akbar teaching algebra at Lycee Sanai, Ghazni


Seen from my apartment window – Shrine of Ali, Karte Sakhi, Kabul




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  • Thank you for posting these wonderful photos, Juri! It’s hard to choose a favorite but the scene from your apartment has so many layers, I would have to vote for it.

  • Thanks for sharing these memories of your past. You both have led a very interesting lives. I agree with Bonnie, the view from your apartment is amazing.

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