“Photos from Afghanistan” by David Rodbourne


David Rodbourne (Afghanistan 1971–1974)

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan from December 1971 through early 1974. After training, my initial assignment didn’t materialize. In Fall 1972 I served with famine relief team in Ghor province. In Kabul I assisted the karakul sheep pelt export office with the English language correspondence.

In 1974 after trekking with Peace Corps friends in Nepal, I took a distinctly not-Peace Corps summer job managing the pool at the USAID recreation compound in Kabul. After returning to the U.S. I worked as a recruiter for ACTION/Peace Corps/VISTA in Rochester, New York.

A recent 2023 inspiring highlight of my life was the reunion in Denver for Peace Corps Afghanistan Volunteers.


Kabul looking northeast from the old city wall on the mountain top above Bagh-e-Babur. View includes Jad-e-Maiwand, the major and busy west-east street, Pul-e-Kheshti Mosque, the Kabul River, the Presidential Palace area, and the road toward the airport.


Visiting Paghman on the outskirts of Kabul during training in 1972 with Bonnie Thie, Randy Cowart, Mike Rieger, and Dick King.


Carrying CSM (corn, soy, milk) as part of Operation Help famine relief in Ghor province in the center of Afghanistan. Joint teams from Afghan government, USAID, UN, Peace Corps and international donors distributed CSM , wheat, clothing and blankets, medicines, and conducted medical exams. Families traveled from distant villages and family compounds to this site north of Chagcharan, the province capital. (Fall 1972)


Children trying to stay warm at a famine relief site in Ghor province


Mother carrying child, Ghor famine relief site


Young weaver learning the skill on the job, Ghor province


Hopeful khan bringing a carpet to market day in Aqcha (northern Afghanistan)


Mother and children enjoying an outdoor festival near Kabul



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  • Great selection of photos, Daoud! They vividly illustrate an amazing period in Afghanistan and in our lives. Thank you.

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