Peace Corps Prose Pirated!

I heard from Larry Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77) that an article he wrote for this site and which we posted on December 6, 2011,  was recently pirated and posted on an advertising site in re-edited format. The most interesting change was the substitution of “Serenity Corps” for “Peace Corps.”  Give me a break!

“My younger son told me that I must be improving as a writer if my stuff is now being jacked,” said Lihosit, “but my legal team was more than annoyed since it’s illegal.”

The author of Peace Corps Chronology; 1961-2010 Larry has filed a complaint with Google before continuing his search for the guilty party. Lihosit’s article is a chapter in his new book Peace Corps Experience: Write and Publish Your Memoir to be released in April.

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  • I am shocked, shocked. Our blogs are “pirated?” I have noted when mine have been used by the New York Times and others. Blogs are not as well guarded by intellectual property rules as well as other writings.

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