Peace Corps will commemorate the 61st Anniversary of Peace Corps


February 16, 2022

The anniversary will be commemorated during Peace Corps Week from February 27 to March 5

WASHINGTON – The Peace Corps will commemorate its 61st anniversary with a week-long virtual celebration, Peace Corps Week, from February 27 to March 5. This year’s theme is “Meet the Moment,” in recognition of the imperative to come together as a global community to tackle the historic challenges driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In honor of the anniversary, Chief Executive Officer Carol Spahn will address the Peace Corps network and provide updates at a virtual event, “The Peace Corps Reimagined: A Keynote Address and Forum,” on March 3 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (EST). The event will also include three breakout sessions focused on the agency’s efforts to reimagine service, advance equity and deliver quality. Those interested in attending this public event can register here. Recordings of the address and breakout sessions will be made available following the event.

“This time has taught us just how interconnected we all are,” said Spahn. “We ‘meet the moment’ when we harness that global connectedness in service of each other.”

During the celebration, the agency will lead a virtual exploration into how the Peace Corps is evolving and contributing both at home and abroad. This will include a glimpse into how posts are preparing to welcome volunteers back to service as well as how the Peace Corps has continued to deliver on its mission through a virtual service pilot, the domestic deployment of volunteers to aid in the United States’ COVID-19 response and the continued work of the agency’s many overseas staff members and partners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“During this historic time, in which we are all called upon to challenge the status quo, lean in and adapt, the Peace Corps has stepped up to meet the moment.” said Spahn. “We look forward to joining hands with communities around the world, in the spirit of world peace and friendship, to meet their expressed needs for support following the massive disruptions caused by COVID-19.”

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  • This is from an early PC Volunteer Ghana 1961, old now — 85 on March 21, 2022: It seems so long ago and yesterday when in 1960 I came up for more graduate study from North Texas State in Denton to Boston University and as a Lowell Fellow an intern at WGBH-TV the then New England Television station on the M.I.T. campus in Cambridge just over the Charles River from Boston on Massachusetts Avenue above a former roller rink and as Louis Lyons assistant on his twice weekly 14:28second programs of News and the other of profiles and special subjects. In the summer June 1960 as the technical assistant I began on his many programs about Senator J F Kennedy and others in their reach for their Party’s nominations — Harold Stassen was Republican nomination seeker. But also Hubert Humphrey, Adalai Stevenson, Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert Kennedy and others others came on. Often ther was talk of what came to be, later, in the Fall 1960 the name PEACE CORPS. The next year, still on the job I took the test, and in time, in June the call to go to Ghana and I went first to Berkeley for training. Then at the tail end of August I headed up to D.C. stopping first home to Dallas to seem my dad and mom and six siblings. Dad was ailing (it turned out terminal cancer and by October I was sent back home to be the financial head of our family for the next six years, I being the first in our families with college education). But on the way up to D.C. just before heading off in that 2 engine prop Covair to the Azores, Dakar in Senegal, then Ghana my contingent of 50 went up to the White House and met Kennedy for my third time (I’d met him when he was a Senator seeking the Party nod and then in the Fall as the Democrat Party candidater).
    Now we are talking of the 61st anniversary of our PEACE CORPS next month my 85th birthday month. Peace is not around some corner, nor may it ever be, but it is still to sought. I was born in Niagara Falls, NY in 1937 in a Depression when WAR in Europe and WAR in the Pacific was already swelling and staining the world, our planet. War continues and also now also while peoples and countries attle, there are pandemics and illness that are endemic along with possibly also through weather, climate, life’s end, and possibly (it is not far fetched to suggest) the demise of our planet. (It used to be in the phrase from The Group, a novel by Mary McCarthy, “Who’d a thunk it” only IN THOSE farfetched Science Fiction pulp stories and novels.) SMACKDOWN is a phrase used about those dick-on-dick boxing punchouts. I’ll stop here at 4:29am San Francisco CA, Feb 19, 2022. This could be a modern parable in the often described prose poetry style. It will have no tractio n for any possible future I fear this palpable night. Edward Mycue 3595 Geary Blvd, Unit 320, San Francisco CA 94118

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