Peace Corps Ukraine Volunteers Evacuated Safely

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 24, 2014 – The Peace Corps today announced that all Peace Corps Ukraine volunteers are safe and accounted for, and have been successfully evacuated out of the country.  The agency will continue to assess the safety and security climate in Ukraine.  And while the Peace Corps hopes volunteers can return, the safety and security of its volunteers are the agency’s top priority.

Over 200 Peace Corps Ukraine volunteers were working in the areas of education and youth and community development.  Volunteers will participate in a transition conference this week.  Since the program was established in 1992, over 2,740 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Ukraine.



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  • Everyone involved, the Director, her staff, both home and HC, as well as the Volunteers, deserve congratulations for the seamless way that Peace Corps accomplished this difficult evacuation. I am glad that the Volunteers are safe and share their regret that their service was interrupted.

  • When we lived in Ukraine we knew the Peace Corps Volunteers since my wife provided administrative services for the Corps there. Glad to know that the Corps continues its work in Ukraine and hope the Volunteers can return soon.

  • As the parent of one of those volunteers evacuated I can not express my gratitude in how efficiently these volunteers were evacuated. The coordination of Peace Corp, their staff and the volunteers was enormous and I thank everyone involved for their efforts. I have nothing but praise for my daughters Peace Corp experience and would encourage anyone interested to seek out any one of these incredible volunteers and listen to their story. I know how disappointed many of them are to leave as this country became a second home to them and the people of Ukraine their family, but their experience will forever enrich them and what they bring back to share with us will hopefully help our world become just a little bit smaller as we learn through them. Thank you Peace Corp!!

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