Peace Corps to end its program in Romania by 2013

 Peace Corps to end its program in Romania by 2013

Peace Corps has decided to phase out its program in Romania, the last group of volunteers completing their service in July 2013, said the US Ambassador Mark Gitenstein during a meeting with the Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister, Theodor Baconschi. The announcement comes as the Peace Corps celebrates its 50th anniversary, while Peace Corps Romania’s, its 20th anniversary.

“As Romania continues to work towards a better future, we acknowledge its successes, admire its perseverance, and are honored to have had the privilege of contributing to its development” said Aaron Williams, Peace Corps’ Director. There are currently 89 Peace Corps volunteers in Romania, according to data on the program’s webpage, while 1,133 volunteers in total came to the country since the start of the program in 1991.

The Peace Corps was officially established by President John F. Kennedy on March 1, 1961 to promote world peace and friendship around the world. During 20 years of service in Romania, the Peace Corps has created more than 1,000 partnerships between American volunteers and Romanian service providers.

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