Peace Corps Strategic Plan – Fiscal 2014 -2018

The Strategic Plan for Peace Corps – Fiscal 2014 -2018 has been published. Here is the link:

Written bureaucratically, it is still worth reading. Although, a translation from the early years would be so helpful.

I found the following  goals or steps or bulletin points or targets of particular interest:

  • The goal for applications for 2014 is 22,000. That is more than double the number of applications for 2013 and exceeds any number in the last seven years.
  • The Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011 is still a goal to be reached, not a law  implemented.
  • There will be two competitive internships to be offered to returning PCVs. Nothing about a policy of hiring RPCVs.
  • There are no plans for a library nor a librarian. There is a statement that  program descriptions and other documents are only available to some carefully screened staff. This is done to protect the data from being altered or compromised. However, such a consideration is not incompatible with a Library and Archive staffed by a qualified  Research Librarian. The National Archives and Records Administration has been maintaining the integrity of its public documents and  still providing  public access. What happened to the goal of transparency?

It is good reading for a snowy day.

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