Peace Corps has a new page with Virus Updates and NPCA has a Plan

The evacuating PCVs have many questions. For those of you who may be contacted for information by parents and/or  others, here is the Peace Corps link:

The National Peace Corps Association has also come forth with a plan.

NPCA Response to COVID-19 and Peace Corps Evacuations

Through their personal stories and photos shared on social media over the last few days, an entire Peace Corps community has vicariously lived the shocking reality of 7,000+ serving PCVs evacuating from 60 countries around the world. This traumatic interruption of service is not the way a PCV envisions their service to end – with unfinished projects, unsung farewells, unrung COS bells, and unsaid goodbyes.

To the PCV evacuees, my heartfelt sympathy. I share your grief. As you return home, know that there is an empathetic and caring Peace Corps community awaiting you with our collective embrace. We are thousands of returned Peace Corps Volunteers (including many whose service had also been cut short), former staff, host country nationals, family and friends who care deeply for you.

This unprecedented moment calls for an extraordinary response. Be assured that National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is committed to providing the substantive support that our RPCVs deserve. We hear you and are responding. In the coming days, you can expect:

  • A collaborative effort forged among the Peace Corps agency, NPCA, and the greater Peace Corps community to support evacuated RPCVs upon their arrival home
  • A comprehensive Global Reentry program designed by NPCA especially for evacuated RPCVs with support and services tailored to their needs and expectations
  • Rollout of an array of academic and career resources to assist evacuated RPCVs in taking the next step in their professional pathways
  • Connections to an emerging RPCV peer support network and local RPCV groups to provide emotional, moral, and logistical support
  • Updates on how, through NPCA, we can collectively advocate for the benefits and entitlements evacuated RPCVs deserve, as well to ensure the future of the Peace Corps

For those of us in the Peace Corps community who are able to provide financial leadership, the Benevolent Fund will enable NPCA to support urgent needs of evacuated RPCVs.

This is an amazing and resilient Peace Corps community. Thank you for all you do to serve one another and the world.

I am at your service,

Glenn Blumhorst
NPCA President & CEO

3/19/2020:  John is sending out the advocacy notice from National Peace Corps Association to contact Congress.  I am going to also include it

If you would like to make sure your Senators and Congressional Representative know how many Volunteers and how many total Volunteers from your state, here is that information:


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  • Yes, have a good thanking for making our lives better. Here’s the million dollar question: what will happen when you are gone. I may be gone too (83 on Mar 21, 2020). It takes 30 years for a yellow pine tree to grow one inch. We are no pine tree. But while we are here we do what we can, not looking back, looking forward. Thank you for your broad shoulders and the cross-bracing our tent. Ed

  • If you’re not already aware of it, please let me introduce you to a really special Facebook page … “U.S. Peace Corps COVID-19 Evacuation Support Group” … Cut and paste the whole title into the Facebook search box and it will take you to this new page … it is only a couple of days old and there are already over 5000 members to the page… It is an extremely interesting page to read postings… And you just might find a role to play yourself. You can imagine that among the thousands of evacuated PCVs there are going to be many who will need special help … everything from folks with PTSD to just simply needing a bed to sleep in for a while.

    • Dale,

      You are so right about the Facebook page – it is THE source of information for the evacuated PCVs. To see how the RPCV community has responded is just overwhelming. Now the administrator, Joshua Johnson, RPCV, and the NPCA are working together to inform the evacuatees. Also, the RPCV NPCA affiliate groups around the country are stepping up. The financial need is high. CORRECTION; THIS FACEBOOK PAGE HAS CHANGED ITS NAME. IT IS A PRIVATE GROUP AND IT SCREENS THOSE WHO WANT TO BE MEMBERS TO IDENTIFY THEIR NAME, COUNTRY AND DATES OF SERVICE. HERE IS THE NEW NAME: Returned Peace Corps COVID-19 Evacuation Support [Community-Generated] Go to Facebook page and put this title in the search box.

      The evacuatees are being offered, now, two months health care coverage. But one of the real problems they are facing is the need, for some, maybe all, to self-quarantine , But, mamy of them cannot go home because they have parents in the high risk group and can not risk being exposed. Peace Corps has advised evacuatees can go to a hotel for fourteen days and then can be reimbursed. However, I would assume that many do not have credit cards which would accept charges for 14 days of hotel living, plus food, probably room service or delivery for 14 days. So, I hope Congress will do something, immediately, to help them. Some RPCVs have connections with colleges who have closed dorms and have suggested that many Peace Corps could rent rooms for evacuees. I don’t know.

      Personally, my husband was probably exposed ten days ago so we are self-isolating. It is so frustrating not to be able to offer any help. Plus, we are under blizzard warning and can expect power outages.I am on the watch for locusts!

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