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Peace Corps /Gambia concludes youth convergence on employment opportunities

 by Pa Modou Cham
The Point

Nov 14, 2023

Peace Corps/The Gambia, on Monday, concluded a three-day youth convergence in their quest to contribute to the Gambia’s youth employability and development initiative and the fight against irregular migration.

The event held at the GPI exposed participants to different domains of youth employability and empowerment such as Gender and Youth, sexual reproductive health rights and first aid, workplace norms and behaviours, orientation on CV development, job searching and matching, care guidance and interview techniques, migration and survival skill, peace-building, and social cohesion and conflict.

Siiri Morley (Lesotho 2001-04) The Gambia Counry Director

Siiri Morley(Lesotho 2001-04), Peace Corps The Gambia Country Director explained that Peace Corps is a US agency working in partnership with countries around the world. She added that they are in the country through the invitation of the Gambia government to provide American skills and to partner on locally prioritising projects working with counterparts in the communities.

She highlighted further that the Peace Corps has been in the country since 1967 while reiterating that they now focus on partnering on education, health, agriculture and the environment. She noted that they have partnerships with several ministries and local partners and that what they do is connected to the progress of the nation such as tree planting projects, building the capacity of teachers to work with child and maternal health clinics, and working on national development priorities.

“I am very proud that Peace Corps The Gambia is working with youth on development. We are working with youths to build world peace and friendship, building the strength of the community and I hope everyone found some inspiration and ideas in this convergent,” she added.

Amilia Amiset Mendy, Language and Cultural Facilitator and the Youth Coordinator for Peace Corps The Gambia underscored the importance of the youth camp, saying it is about increasing youth awareness and employment opportunities across the country. She said they brought young people together for orientation on what is happening in rural Gambia.

“We have 46 participants and facilitators from the Labour Department who dwelled on employment opportunities while other facilitators spoke about migration and survival skills and peacebuilding. We involve the youth because most of the things happening in the country involve young people. After graduating from high school or university, young people think that jobs are only available in the urban area while there are jobs available in the rural area that they can do,” she said.

Jainaba, a Peace Corps Volunteer from CRR said she has spent about one and a half years in the country, saying she is almost at the end of her services. She added: “I enjoy staying in CRR and the youth camp is very interesting because we have got lots of things done and solved a lot of problems within The Gambia. During my stay in CRR, I learnt about Chossan and I am now fluent in Fula language.”




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  • correction—-Peace Corps was functioning in Gambia back in the mid-1970’s. PC/Gambia hosted staff from all the anglophone PC countries for a programming workshop in August of 1976. I was there and presented at the conference.

  • In the very beginning of the ’70s, I was the Liberia Country Desk Officer in the Africa Region in PC/Washington.for about 3 years. During a speck of that time, I was also The Gambia Country Desk Officer. Names that come to mind are Loyd Kepferle, Country Director, Dr. Elsa Meder, in charge of the Education Program and Gambian, Pa Louis Gomez, Associate Director (I think). As the smallest country in continental Africa and one in which the Peace Corps was quite highly thought of, it was certainly not a difficult program to administer.

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