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Today the Peace Corps, 62 years after this challenge from JFK’s inaugural address, unveils an innovative program that brings American Peace Corps Volunteers shoulder-to-shoulder with future leaders at CorpsAfrica.

Liz Fanning (Morocco 1993-95)

This historic partnership, announced amidst Peace Corps leadership participation in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and Climate Week events, reflects the agency’s commitment to global collaboration and sustainability.

Led by Liz Fanning (Morocco 1993-95) and recipient of the 2019 NPCA Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service, CorpsAfrica joins hands with the Peace Corps to empower volunteers and African leaders embarking on a year of service.

As the Peace Corps continues to expand its footprint, it proudly announces the imminent arrival of volunteers in Sri Lanka, bringing the total number of actively serving volunteers to over 2,200 across 60 countries. This initiative marks a significant stride towards advancing development, nurturing friendships, and achieving sustainability goals on a global scale.


Dan Baker (Bolivia 1999-2002; Timor-Leste (2002-2003)
President & CEO, NPCA (National Peace Corps Association)
(w) 202-240-8240
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  • This is such a huge endeavor with a committed leader. Congratulations on your continued success and warmest wishes for continued measured and ongoing expansion. Lillian

    • Always great to see long lost friends here … still in Dakar?? I’ve been retired in Thailand for 23 years … with fondest memories of West Africa … all the best.

  • Congratulations to the great Liz Fanning on this initiative! I’ve been looking forward to this announcement from the agency, which we recently heard about from Director Spahn and I saw from Peace Corps Chief of Staff Scott Beale this morning. Peace Corps’ stated commitment to developing ways to engage local youth leaders seems to making real progress. Thanks for posting, John.

  • Kudos to Liz for this stellar organization she founded and nurtured – an amazing achievement in ten short years. The event last evening celebrating CorpsAfrica at which the affiliation with Peace Corps was announced was a fitting tribute to her inspiring leadership and tenacity. The recent Mastercard Foundation $6 million grant to CorpsAfrica aptly recognizes its inspiring work and Liz Fanning’s dedication.

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