Peace Corps Celebrated The 60th Anniversary In Nepal

Peace Corps Celebrated The 60th anniversary of the first group of volunteers arrived in Kathmandu

According to the U.S. Embassy FaceBook Page, this month, the Peace Corps is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the first group of Volunteers’ arrival in Kathmandu in September 1962. Since then, thousands of Americans and Nepalis have worked together to create lasting change and achieve the Peace Corps mission – to promote world peace and friendship. Congratulations Peace Corps on this historic anniversary!

“Happy Anniversary Peace Corps! 60 yrs ago, Nepali families & communities welcomed the first Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) where they formed lasting bonds. Wherever I go I hear stories of PCVs & the good they brought to their communities. Do you have a story to share?,” tweets U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry.


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  • Sorry I couldn’t be part of the 60th anniversary of Peace Corps Nepal. Below I’ve listed some of the books I’ve written (the first and second deal with the Peace Corps)

    Sherpas, with a Foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary, 1990, University of California Press

    At Home in the World (Globalization and the Peace Corps in Nepal), 2013, Orchid Press

    Trans-Himalayan Traders, 2013, Orchid Press

    Trans-Himalayan Traders Transformed, 2017, Orchid Press

    Globalization in Nepal: Theory and Practice, 2011, Himal Books

    Living Martyrs, 2018, Oxford University Press

    Himalayan Anthropology, 1978, Mouton Publishers

  • No books: just an enduring life-altering interregnum and surviving friends who were together with me in the same soup. The language still pours out, as this past week when amazingly I met a young Nepali woman in the woods at a forestry seminar in northern Vermont.

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