Peace Corps and the NPCA have signed a MOU to Cooperate by focusing on Third Goal Activities

The National Peace Corps Association is a membership association for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. It is not an official part of the Peace Corps. However, it has always advocated for the Peace Corps Community. Now the Peace Corps has established  a more formal relationship with the NPCA. This Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the NPCA’s annual gathering last June.

Read the Memorandum of Understanding between the Peace Corps and the National Peace Corps Association by clicking MOU between Peace Corps and NPCA

The following description of the activities is from that Memorandum of Understanding:


A.   Under this MOU, subject to certain limitations applicable to each party, the Peace Corps and NPCA intend to collaborate on areas of mutual interest that may include, but are not limited to, activities and initiatives that serve to educate the public on the Peace Corps and its mission, programs, and activities and highlight joint Third Goal activities and NPCA efforts on Third Goal activities.

B.        The parties further intend, in connection with any collaboration under this MOU as set forth below, that:

1.   The Peace Corps reserves and retains the right to establish and direct programs and activities in accordance with all applicable legal authorities. Moreover, the Peace Corps will not be engaged or involved in, or collaborate with ‘tl’iPCA on, or promote or publicize NPCA’s advocacy or fundraising, or membership drives, or any activities that do not directly relate to the Peace Corps’ mission.

2.    NPCA reserves and retains the right to establish and direct its activities in accordance with its governing charters and rules.

3.    Within 60 days of signing this MOU, the Peace Corps and NPCA, working collaboratively, will begin discussions and development of potential activities designed to carry out the purpose of this MOU.  Such discussions and planning will seek to identify, prepare, and plan for implementation of specific activities, and identify expected outcomes of these activities.

C.        Administration and Coordination

Each party will identify a liaison to prcvide overall coordination of the MOU.

D.        Type and Scope of Potential Activities

The parties intend to work collaboratively to identify types of activities and define the scope of such activities that may include, but is not limited to activities that: support and advance the Three Goals of the Peace Corps; support mutual efforts contributing to Peace Corps Volunteer recruitment; to the extent legally permissible share and exchange information and data relevant to mutual interests, activities and objectives; mutually promote joint initiatives that create greater awareness of the Peace Corps and the Peace Corps experience; support future and ongoing Volunteer service; support the promotion and enhancement of Peace Corps’ RPCV career offerings; support and strengthen activities of RPCV groups related to the Third Goal; promote community service, diversity and inclusion, and other mutually advantageous activities and initiatives.”

I hope that this new partnership will help to create more public awareness of the many activities that Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and  their many country of service and geographic member groups  conduct in pursuit of the Third Goal.

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