Peace Corps/Afghanistan Books


Lessons from Afghanistan
David  Fleishhacker (Afghanistan 1962-64)
DF Publications, 2002


Little Women of Baghlan
The Story of a Nursing School for Girls in Afghanistan, the Peace Corps, and Life Before the Taliban
Susan Fox (Afghanistan 1968-70)
Peace Corps Writers, 2013


Lessons of Love in Afghanistan: A Lifelong Commitment to the Afghan People
Susanne Griffin (Afghanistan Staff Spouse 1968-70), Peter Bussian (Photographer)
Bennett & Hastings, 2014


Letters from Afghanistan
Eloise Hanner (Afghanistan 1971-73)
Branden Publishing Co., 2003


The Early Years of Peace Corps in Afghanistan: A Promising Time
Frances Hopkins Irwin & Will A. Irwin (Afghanistan 1966-67)
Peace Corps Writers, 2014


My Time in Afghanistan

Henry Intili (Afghanistan 1968-three months ETed)


A Land Without Time: A Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan
John Sumser (Afghanistan 1977-78)
Academy Chicago Publishers, 2006


Afghanistan at a Time of Peace
Robin  Varnum (Afghanistan 1971–73); photographer: Juris Zagarins (Afghanistan, 1971-1974)
Peace Corps Writers, 2021




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