Peace Corps Transition Team Tells Obama What To Do

President Obama has in his hands the Peace Corps Transition Team document “Peace Corps Roadmap” telling the president what should be done to increase and improve the agency. The twenty-page transition document was written by his own team, sent to the Peace Corps after the election and before the president was sworn in. This impressive piece of work manages to be both positive about the Peace Corps and its role in the world, and yet outlines the problems of the agency and makes suggestions on how the president can improve the Peace Corps so that more Americans are able to serve our country. The Transition Team document is sitting on President Obama’s White House desk. It has been (so far) unread by the president. Would you like to read it? Peace Corps Worldwide has the document on line NOW!

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Click here to read the “Peace Corps Roadmap” (pdf)

Marian Beil (Ethiopia 1962-64)

John Coyne (Ethiopia 1962-64)


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  • I’m interested in reading the document, but first: Who wrote the document? Who requested that it be written? Why do you think Obama will read it? – Thanks.

  • Connie–the Transition Team wrote it. These are people assigned by the White House to do a quick survey of government agencies to see what needs to be done. The names of two, I think, are on the report, near the end. It is requested by the president who comes into office. All presidents and their ‘team’ do this. I can’t say if the president will read it. I am sure he will get a report on the Peace Corps, as he has (or will get) on all of the agencies.

  • Hello John, Like Connie above I also would like to read the document, but it was so tiny I could barely read anything. Where can I get a full-size copy of the document to print out ?

    With the things I could make out, I was happy to see constructive suggestions for improvement, far more than what the NPCA has suggested, which is essentially “Bigger Budget is what is needed”.

    As you may know, I have a proposal here whereby New Mexico state gov’t might enter into a partnership with the PC, similar to the old Intergovernmental Personnel Act, providing recruitment of experienced volunteers from the ranks of state teachers and other employees, sabbatical leave to serve in the PC, and reinstatement upon return. I envision great benefits for both. And other incentives for returning PCVs to consider New Mexico employment, as teachers, or whatever. I think this tracks with some of the stuff I could make out in the document.

    Best personal regards, John Turnbull NMPCA Santa Fe

  • We should have a RPCV rally in D.C. to get President Obama’s attention on this matter. The Peace Corps was the toughest easy job I ever had. President Barry needs to wake up and give them all the dough they need. When there are cuts in the Peace Corps budget, it is ALWAYS the volunteers in the field who suffer.

  • I’m encouraged by this document. I’m not at all sure what an insider’s point of view would be, but I would like to know from those who are more knowledgeable about these things if they agree that these are good ideas. They certainly seem like good ideas to me.

    I think President Obama does care about the Peace Corps and the opportunities it provides. At the same time, I know that President Obama really has his hands full and probably cannot give it the attention it deserves yet. As I am about to start my service, I care very much about the funding. It was also an eye-opener to read some of these recommendations. It’s always nice to know what to expect. You just know there are going to be institutional frustrations built into any government entity that’s been around as long as the Peace Corps has. Reading about the problems experienced by the volunteers and staff due to underfunding, poor organization and outdated ways of doing things is a good expectation adjuster.

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