PC Director Writes Her Vols! The Word From HQ

Dear Volunteers:

As many of you are aware, annual funding for the US government expired on carriehradelet_portrait-2012September 30, 2013. This has affected Peace Corps operations, as it has all federal government activities. I want you to know that we have made a conscious decision to prioritize continuous operations in our host countries over headquarters activities.  In fact, over 90 percent of Peace Corps’ US-based staff – both in Washington and in our regional recruiting offices – have been furloughed. This action, combined with good financial planning, has allowed us to keep Volunteers in the field throughout the government shutdown. I am very hopeful that Congress will come to a resolution shortly and all of our staff can return to work.

Please be assured that all activities necessary to ensure your ongoing health, safety and security will continue without interruption, as your well-being is our highest priority.  Volunteers should see no significant changes in the support or services you receive in your host countries during this time. We have made sure that key medical, counseling, victim advocacy, regional and safety and security staff at headquarters are working throughout the federal government shutdown, and are in active communication with your post.  We will not allow the shutdown of the federal government to compromise your health and safety.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and patience throughout this process, and for your continued service to the Peace Corps, your country of service, and the American people. I really appreciate the commitment, energy, ideas, and innovation you bring to your job. Every day you are improving the lives of people across the globe.  As tough as this shutdown is for all of us, I am inspired every single day by the work that you do — and what I read in your blogs, email, videos and letters keeps me focused on what is really important. We will persevere through this time of difficulty. It is important to me that you know that you, as always, are our highest priority.

Warmest regards,


Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Acting Peace Corps Director

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  • Press on ,regardless!!!

    Tonight, I view the Capitol Dome light from my living room window . They are still in session!!!!

    It goes without saying the PCV’s are on the job in the huts, villages, cities around the world. Bravo….Carry on, this is what we signed up for…

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