Paul Theroux writes the Peace Corps story for JFK: A VISION OF AMERICA


JFK: A Vision for America by Stephen Kennedy Smith & Douglas Brinkley was published by HarperCollins this May on the centennial of President Kennedy’s birth. The book has a compendium of JFK’s most important speeches, hundreds of photographs, and commentary and reflections on Kennedy’s administration, policies, and programs by leading American and international authorities. The “authority” selected to write the Peace Corps story is none other than Paul Theroux. What’s amusing to RPCVs is that Theroux was perhaps the first Volunteer to be sent home (ETed) by the agency because of his involvement in Malawi political affairs.

This just goes to show that even in the Peace Corps “writers always have the last word.”




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  • An ironic choice for the PC chapter, indeed. I hope that you can publish a review of the chapter. And hope that Paul T will finally find something good to say about the volunteers who have made it work. JAT

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