Once Again My Favorite Hobby Horse: One Laptop Per Child

I was watching Worldfocus this evening and they are running a series on Africa and the final segment was on Rwanda and the program of  One Laptop per child that the President Paul Kagame began. There are 2,3 million primary kids and he wants to use them to make his country first in Africa with these $100 computers. He was the leader after the 1994 genocide where 800,000 were killed. It is a surprisingly positive story after so much tragedy and without books, materials, etc., these computers are giving children an edge of all of the students in Africa. Kagame is a genius.

Why the Peace Corps doesn’t work out an arrangement with the MIT folks who developed this inexpensive computer is beyong me.

Do any of you have any ideas how we might make this leap forward in the thinking of the agency?

Meanwhile, check out www.worldfocus.org

You can see what has been achieved.

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