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John Givens (Korea 1967-69), a graduate of the Iowa Writers Program who spent many years working in Japan and now lives in Ireland, is the author of a half dozen novels and books of non-fiction. He is also writing a 17-century Japanese novel, several sections of which have already been published online. The latest section is entitled Night Train and can be found at the URL:

John writes us, “Although great old print journals such as The Paris Review or Granta or Conjunctions are still attractive, the future does seem to be digital. TriQuarterly has recently announced that it is converting to an online format next year. One of the nice things about digital journals is that they accept email submissions or submissions through a dedicated online submissions manager. Most also will read simultaneous submissions. This makes them easy to approach, and they are obviously inundated with manuscripts, resulting in very long waits even for rejection. But they also get tons of MSS that probably read more or less the same since they are generated by creative writing students who have had more or less the same experiences. An RPCV or currently serving PCV should have an advantage in anecdote quality if nothing else.”

Givens is now writing an article for our PeaceCorpsWriters blog on this site about publishing online. Watch for it coming soon!

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