October 2011 Books by Peace Corps Writers

i-never-intended-120I Never Intended to Be Brave: A Woman’s Bicycle Journey Through Southern Africa
by Heather Andersen (Lesotho 2001–03)
Windy City Publishers
$14.99 (paperback), $8.99 (Kindle)
260 pages
October 2011

maya-2012-120Maya 2012: A Guide to Celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras
by Joshua Berman (Nicaragua 1998–2000)
Moon Publishing
$7.99 (paperback), free (Kindle)
128 pages
October 2011

orawan-poems-120The Orawan Poems
by Gerry Christmas (Thailand 1973–76; Western Samoa 1976–78)
Lulu Publisher
$14.95 (paperback)
148 pages
October 2011

running-flip-flops-120Running in Flip-flops
(Peace Corps novel)
by Abigail Fay (Senegal 2007–09)
Peace Corps Writers Book
$12.75 (paperback)
299 pages
September 2011

ukraine-120Ukraine: Discover the Real Ukraine
by Ashley Hardaway (Ukraine 2006–08)
Other Places Publishing
$22.95 (paperback)
250 pages
October 2011

no-senators-son-1201No Senator’s Son
by RJ Huddy (Morocco 1981–82)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
$17.50 (paperback), $2.99 (Kindle)
377 pages
October 2011

steves-adventure-120Steve’s Adventure with the Peace Corps: Stories from the Kingdom of Tonga and the United States Peace Corps
by Steve Hunsicker (Tonga)
394 pages
$16.99 (paperback), $4.99 (Kindle)
May 2011

village-son-remembered-120A Village Son Remembers: The African Years — A Journal 1970–72
by Mark R. Lewis (The Gambia 1970–72)
Texas Litho
98 pages
2010 ehm@lewispresstx.com www.enjoyhoustonmagazine.com

back-pakistan-120Back to Pakistan: A Fifty-Year Journey
by Leslie Noyes Mass (Pakistan 1962-64)
Rowman & Littlefield Publisher
212 pages

adventures-gabon-120Adventures in Gabon: Peace Corps Stories from the African Rainforest
Edited by Darcy Munson Meijer (Gabon 1982–84)
A Peace Corps Writers Book
$15.95 (paperback)
216 pages
September 2011

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