NPR is coming after the Peace Corps (Mefloquine)

 …..when you were in the Peace Corps. You’re one of hundreds of RPCV’s who said that you had symptoms that you believe might have been caused by mefloquine (Lariam).

Yes, it’s been a long time – we sent out that survey almost two years ago. Believe it or not, we’re just now wrapping up our project and getting close to scheduling the stories; many thanks for your help. But we have a couple quick questions again that we need you to answer please to help us fill in some blanks. Would you please send me your answers in a reply email?

1)      Did any Peace Corps staff talk to you, either one-on-one or in a group meeting, about Malarone?

2)      If so, what do you remember them saying about the drug? Please tell us everything you remember, including discussions of Malarone’s pros/cons, availability to volunteers, cost, etcetcetc.

3)      And — what were the names of the Peace Corps staff members who said those things about Malarone?



Daniel Zwerdling


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  • Good, go after the PC. I think there is a level of accountability to be vetted. I loved my service, yet mefloquine was bad.

  • My son has suffered from the side effects of mefloquine since he returned from service. The Peace Corps has done NOTHING to help. They failed to notify volunteers that there was even an issue with the medication they were given. My son will need help his entire life. There needs to be some compensation for those effected.

  • Harry,

    There is an email address in the article. I used it to email the reporter and I have not received a response. It may be
    because of the holidays. I would strongly suggest that you do the same thing. If you were interviewed, then I think you have an absolute right to know when the story will be broadcast.

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