NPCA wants to hear from RPCVs with knowledge of Central America



From the National Peace Corps Association Website:

Central America Reporting for WorldView

“We’re accepting article proposals for the Summer issue of NPCA’s WorldView magazine on the Central American migrant caravan heading to the U.S. border. The deadline for brief proposals is Friday, February 22.We’re looking for writing that gives WorldView readers a better picture of life’s challenges in these countries. If you are a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who has a first-person story, let us know.

WorldView will try to explain: what drove thousands of people from Central America to walk four or five thousand miles to our U.S. border? Who are they and which countries do they come from? Why did they leave their homes? Could U.S. foreign policy and international assistance have served these countries better?

Please submit a brief proposal and your background on the subject.”

Click on the following link to read more on how to submit your proposal:

(A personal note:  This is so critically important, I believe.  Peace Corps Volunteers have been working these countries for over 50 years and have a vital perspective.  I hope this effot sparks the kind of discussion among members of the RPCV community which can result in real policy recommendations)

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