NPCA urges you to contact your Senator, today



Re-Deploy the Peace Corps? It Begins Here, Now


(Note: If your Senator has not signed the letter, contact his office and urge him or her to do so today)

“If you want to ensure the future of the Peace Corps, contact your Senator(s) and urge them to sign a “Dear Colleague” letter circulated by Susan Collins (R-ME) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) asking for an increase in Peace Corps funding for the next fiscal year (FY 2021) which will commence on October 1st. It is imperative that the agency has the financial and human resources to get Volunteers back in the field as soon as possible.

The Dear Colleague letter, an official correspondence sent by Members of Congress to encourage others to support or oppose a bill, is just the beginning. There’s also legislation being circulated by Senators Todd Young (R-IN) and Richard Durbin (D-IL) requesting strong funding for all international affairs funding, including Peace Corps. Contact your Senators and urge them to sign on! The deadline to sign the letter is this Friday, April 10th.

Contact Your Senators


Deadline to sign on: Friday, April 10th.

Signatures as of Thursday, April 9, 5:30 PM: 34 (see list below)

Additional Signatures Needed to Reach Last Year’s Record: 7


Senators who signed the Feinstein-Collins Peace Corps Funding Dear Colleague Letter (List of Current Signers Below)

Arizona: Sinema

California: Feinstein (co-author), Harris

Connecticut: Blumenthal, Murphy

Colorado: Bennet

Delaware: Carper, Coons

Hawaii: Schatz

Illinois: Duckworth

Maine: Collins (co-author), King

Maryland: Cardin, Van Hollen

Massachusetts: Markey, Warren

Michigan: Peters, Stabenow

Minnesota: Klobuchar, Smith

Nevada: Rosen

New Hampshire: Hassan, Shaheen

New Jersey: Booker

North Carolina: Tillis

Ohio: Brown

Oregon: Wyden

Rhode Island: Reed, Whitehouse

Vermont: Sanders

Virginia: Kaine, Warner

Washington: Cantwell

West Virginia: Manchin


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