NPCA is urging support for increased Peace Corps Funding


House Peace Corps Funding Letter Circulating

The co-chairs of the House of Representatives Peace Corps Caucus, RPCVs John Garamendi (D-CA) and Joe Kennedy (D-MA), along with Representative Garrett Graves (R-LA) are now circulating a letter that their colleagues can sign, asking that Peace Corps funding for the fiscal year that begins this coming October (FY 2021) be increased to $450 million.


The deadline for members of the House of Representatives to sign this letter is Friday, March 13th. Our goal is to meet or surpass last year’s record-breaking 181 signatures.

A similar Senate Dear Colleague letter will be circulating soon.

Deadline to sign on: Friday, March 13, 2020

Signatures as of Monday, March 2, 8:00 AM: 17

Additional Signatures Needed to Surpass Last Year’s Record: 165

Lawmakers who Signed the Garamendi – Graves – Kennedy Peace Corps Funding Dear Colleague Letter (List of Current Signers Below)

Arizona: Grijalva

California: Garamendi (co-author), Vargas

Connecticut: Hayes

Florida: Deutch, Hastings

Georgia: David Scott

Illinois: Bustos, Casten

Louisiana: Graves (co-author)

Massachusetts: Kennedy (co-author)

New Jersey: Payne

New York: Velazquez

Ohio: Beatty

Pennsylvania: Wild

Texas: Veasey

Wisconsin: Moore


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