NPCA endorses Senator Chris Murphy’s (D-CT) budget for 15,000 Peace Corps Volunteers


Dear friends,
murphy-chris-sen-1The National Peace Corps Association is proud to endorse “Rethinking the Battlefield,” Senator Murphy’s alternative budget proposal representing a powerful vision for American leadership in International Affairs. This proposal includes funding for 15,000 Peace Corps Volunteers by 2022.

We are forwarding you NPCA’s press release in the hopes that you can push it out into the public media space (print and online), either yourself or through your media contacts. And if you can help NPCA build our media contact list, we’d appreciate it even more! Just reply to this email or contact us at

Though the vision of 15,000 volunteers is an exciting one, we know it will be an uphill battle in the next few months just to maintain level funding of $410 million for Peace Corps and $60 billion for International Affairs. For this reason, we need all the media support we can get!

With gratitude,
Juliana Essen (Thailand 1993-95)
Chief Impact Officer
National Peace Corps Association


While Peace Corps Worldwide welcomes the endorsement, 15,000 PCVs ain’t going to happen. The highest level overseas of PCVs was in 1966 at 15,556. Every year, Congress votes to increase the number of PCVs to a magically 10,000 and then they never fund the agency. Now in this Time of Trump we won’t see anywhere near that amount of money to place 15,000 overseas. — JC

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