November RPCV New Books

Interesting Times
Writing from a Turbulent Decade
by George Packer (Togo 1982-83)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $28.00
409 pages
November 2009

The Incarnation of CatMan Billy
By Will Jordan (Senegal & Liberia 1971-72)
The Press of Light, $12.99
September 2009

The Broken Teaglass
By Emily Arsenault (South Africa 2004-06)
Delacorte Press, $25.00
370 pages
September 2009

By Heart: Reflections of a Rust Belt Bard
by Philip Brady (Zaire 1980-82)
University of Tennessee Press, $29.95
180 pages
November 2008

Joe & Azat
By Jesse Lonergan (Turkmenistan 2005-07)
ComicsLit, $10.95
95 pages
November 2009

At the Table of Want
(A Novel)
by Larry Kimport (Malaysia 1980-82)
Foremost Press, $16.95
338 pages
October 2009

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