November 2010 Peace Corps Books

visions-place-120Visions of Place: Regionalism and Architecture
Edited and co-authored by William Bechhoefer (Tunisia 1967–69) plus colleagues and former students
University of Maryland School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning
$17.95 + $4.00 shipping (contact RoseMarie Tate
191 pages
May, 2010

controlled-crash-120Controlled Crash: An Airline Odyssey from Eels and Ethics to Blimps and Drunken Bears
by Eldon Brown (Gabon 1962–63; Jamaica 1963–65)
148 pages

from-microsoft-malawi-1401From Microsoft to Malawi: Learning on the Front Lines as a Peace Corps Volunteer
(Peace Corps experience)
by Michael Buckler (Malawi 2006–08)
Hamilton Books
228 pages
November 2010

la-ranfla-120La Ranfla and Other New Mexico Stories
(new paperback edition)
by Martha Egan (Venezuela 1967–69)
Papalote Press
200 pages
November 2010

wedding-samar-140A Wedding in Samar: A Memoir of an Early Peace Corps Experience, Philippines 1961–1963
by John Francis Halloran (Philippines 1962–63)
Edited and introduced by John Durand (Philippines 1962–63)
Puzzlebox Press
270 pages
November 2010

sixteen-months-mutton-140Sixteen Months of Mutton: Meat-Eating Journeys Through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia
(Peace Corps experience)
by Stu Lamb (Kazakhstan 8) [nom de plume] Booksurge Publishing
254 pages
November 2009

halibut-rodeo-120Halibut Rodeo
(Short stories)
by Mark Lewandowski (Poland 1991–93)
All Things That Matter Press
128 pages
April 2010

big-dogs-1201Big Dogs of Tibet and the Himalayas: A Personal Journey
Don Messerschmidt (Nepal 1963–65)
Orchid Press
248 pages
November 2010

hint-light-120A Hint of Light
David L. Meth (Korea 1971–72)
Writers’ Productions
303  pages
August 2010

etatist-turkish-republic-120The Etatist Turkish Republic And Its Political And Socio-Economic Performance From 1980–1999
by Dora [Glidewell] Nadolski (Turkey 1962–64)
University Press of America
168 pages

atlantic-slave-trade-120The Atlantic Slave Trade (Problems in World History series)
(3rd edition)
edited by David Northrop (Nigeria 1965–66)
Wadsworth Publishing
208 pages
January 2010

diary-antera-duke-120The Diary of Antera Duke: An Eighteenth-Century African Slave Trader
co-authored by
David Northrop (Nigeria 1965–66) with S Behrendt, AJG Latham
Oxford University
312 pages
March 2010

emerging-africa-1201Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading The Way
by Steven Radelet (Western Samoa 1981–83)
Center for Global Development
$18.75; Kindle $9.99
169 pages

outrageous-thai-120Outrageous Thai: Slang, Curses and Epithets
by T. F. Rhoden (Thailand 2005–2007)
Tuttle Publishing
168 pages

chess-child-120Chess Child: The story of Ray Robson, America’s Youngest Grandmaster
by Gary Robson (Philippines 1987–89)
Nipa Hut Press
281 pages
May 2010

misadventures-maasin-120Misadventures in Maasin
(Peace Corps experience, humor)
by Gary Robson (Philippines 1987–89)
Nipa Hut Press
90 pages
July 2010

by Mark Salvatore (Paraguay 1989–91)
Amazon Digital
$4.99 — Kindle edition
September 2010

winter-line-120The Winter Line: A Memoir and Observation of Asia
by Ken Winkler (India 1964–1966; Czech Republic 1995–96)
304 pages
March 2010

small-wonder-120Small Wonder: The Little Red Schoolhouse in History and Memory
by Jonathan Zimmerman (Nepal 1983–85)
Yale University Press
256 pages
July 2009

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