No Senator's Son A Peace Corps Writers Book

small-rj-huddyNo Senator’s Son by RJ Huddy has just been published by Peace Corps Writers Books. RJ Huddy is the pen name of  Bob Cochrane who was a PCV in Errachidia, Morocco from 1981-83.

 This novel–No Senator’s Son–is about a young historian who decides to pursue his father’s dream for him and run for Congress. To accomplish this he must turn his back on his profession and on the woman he loves. People don’t vote for a man who speaks openly of historical events such as the Palestinian diaspora, and they don’t vote for a man with a Palestinian wife. So for nearly thirty years he hides his views on the Middle East, and his love for the beautiful Aziza Hatoum, choosing instead to lead a deteriorating, toxic life as a Kentucky Congressman. His squandered love has gained him nothing–nothing except the chance to run for president. Nothing except the chance to go for broke, with nothing to lose. 

Huddy’s first two books were published by Franklin, Beedle, Inc of Portland, OR, under their imprint xpatfiction. They were the novels: The Verse of the Sword and Learn Thai with Me.

In The Verse of the Sword Harrison Bacon’s suicide note said it all: I was stupid to love you. I knew this would happen.  But there were many things Bacon didn’t know. He didn’t know that an old college classmate would become Interior Minister in Algeria. He didn’t know why he was offered a job there, or why his pretty Moroccan housekeeper stared at him when she thought his mind was elsewhere. He didn’t understand why a middle-aged French woman invited him to her hotel room, or why he was given a Moroccan passport. He didn’t know why all his new friends suddenly disappeared.

Learn Thai with Me is about two teachers who arrive in Saudi Arabia to work together at the same school. Placed as roommates, they develop a bond of friendship that eventually takes them around the world of 1980, complete with a newly discovered AIDS epidemic and US-backed insurgents in Afghanistan fighting to oust the Soviet Empire.

Bob has lived most of his Post Peace Corps life in Asia and the Middle East. While his first three books have involvedforeign settings and Islamic societies, his fourth, now nearly completed, is a murder mystery/thriller set in the small-town South. Cochrane is, by the way, from Kentucky.

You can buy his books from our site… 

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