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One of the first hands to be raised asking to be appointed “The Next Peace Corps Director” is that of Carolyn Long (Gabon 1963-65) who, years ago when I first knew her, worked for TransCentury, a non-profit company started in the mid-sixties by Warren Wiggins, one of the original Mad Men of the agency, and Dick Irish (Philippines 1962–64). Carolyn has had a long career in international work. For many years she was the manager of  InterAction, and today she is listed as Director, Global Partnership on their site, and travels around the world evaluating and advising on NGOs.

The Peace Corps Office Washington, D.C.

The Peace Corps Office Washington, D.C.

InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), with more than 190 members working in every developing country.  Members are faith-based and secular, large and small, with a focus on the world’s most poor and vulnerable populations.

Carolyn has not been active with the RPCVs in D.C. or involved with the NPCA or the Peace Corps. She has, however, been active with her Gabon RPCV group, and did attend the reception at the Gabon Embassy during the 50th anniversary. Most recently, however, she volunteered for the Obama’s campaign in Virginia and Maryland.

For a look at Carolyn, check out:


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  • One…it should be a Woman…the last Female Director was in 1995. But we already have a Female Acting Director…Mr. President appoint Carrie, she is a Volunteer at heart! No more political jocks…Carrie for Director! Now I’ve said it!

  • I think that FlacoBob has it right. Carrie Hessler-Radelet should be offered a permanent appointment. I also think that FlacoBob would be an excellent director!

  • Carol Long has excellent credentials. But, she is too old. I think that the Peace Corps director position, as well as all the other “political appointments” are appropriate for young people. The job is physically demanding. To appoint RPCVs, like Williams,Tshetter, even Bellamy, thirty and forty years AFTER PC service defeats the whole point of have RPCVs man the agency. Their contact with Peace Corps is decades old. What they bring to the job is the experience of working with NGOs or international business and then apply it to Peace Corps. It is not working.

    Shriver and his loyal gang were young men in their thirties and forties. William Josephson was only 26 and Textor was not much older. The military makes field commanders of 24 year olds. Peace Corps treats like men and women of the same age as adult children.
    Putting ancient people in the director’s position just accentuates the distance between staff and PCV. IMHO.

  • Both Carrie Hessler-Radelet and FlacoBob bring a very important qualification to the Directorship consideration. Both are currently working in Peace Corps. Bob is a Response Volunteer, extraordinary, and Carrie is the Acting Director. The immediate appointment of either to the Director’s position, would greatly reduce
    the problems inherent in the transition between administrations.

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