New York Times review of CREATIVE TYPES by Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan)


This Sunday’s New York Times, December 26, 2021, has a review of Tom Bissell’s (Uzbekistan 1996) Creative Types And Other Stories. written by Zachary Lazar.

Reviewing Tom’s collection, Lazar sums up:

“Vigilantes, bullies, expats: To tell you the “subjects” of these stories is to tell you almost nothing about the experience of reading them, their stylistic flair, the unpredictability of their movements. They reminded me of how fiction can be not just a form of escape but a way to get lost in the actual strangeness of this world, those crooked roads that lead us through flashes of horror, delight and sudden recognition.”

Creative Types and Other Stories
By Tom Bissell (Uzbekistan 1996)
225 pages
March 2021
$12.99 (Kindle); $25.95 (hardback), $14.70 (Audible)

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